10 years after…


10 years after meeting at VCC music school, Geordie Hart (Bass), Dominic Conway (Saxophone) and I released our first album in September. The tunes are composed by all 3 members and encompass a wide variety of styles with groove, improvisation and much play threading us thru the needle. Next up, the band heads to the Banff Centre in November for a residency.


Wooden Eye

During my brief visit in Vancouver this month I played a living room concert with some great Vancouver musicians. Clarinetist/Composer Shane Krause calls this new ensemble Wooden Eye. Very fun batch, here are 3 songs from this first performance. More to come!


This November I released a dream with Jessica Leger and engineer/producer wizard Chris Gestrin. This dream began with discovering a certain paired down sound, voice/drum duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums. This sound haunted me and sent me searching until meeting Jessica Leger at the Banff Arts Centre. Together we started crafting a duo called cast. Two years ago cast found our dream producer Chris Gestrin and started work on our first album. I’m incredibly proud of this work and would love to share it with you.

Pugs and Crows

Our latest album, ‘Everyone Knows Everyone’ won the Western Canadian Music Award for Best Instrumental Album of 2016 ! Here’s a tune from the album written by Tony Wilson

Twin Canyon

This is one of my favourite albums of 2016 ! My buddy Jer has made a really great album featuring a variety of his (and my) favourite vocalists. Also Shawn F Cole did a fantastic job of mixing the record. This is worth a spin for sure. Congrats Jeremy Appleton !

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